We are committed to serve our clients under the best and healthier fiduciary practices

Estate Planning

MMG Trust offers advice on all aspects of the structure and control of your wealth by establishing a clear plan for its preservation across generations. We assure our clients that in the succession the wishes expressed in their "will" are carried out in an efficient and timely manner, managed under our confidentiality policy and applying planning techniques oriented towards an efficient management in terms of tax compliance. Structures may be designed to reduce future creditor risk, whether commercial or as a result of divorce or other family calamity.

MMG Trust provides services as a guarantee trustee for consumer loans, both vehicles and real estate, to various clients of the local banking and financial plaza.


Our proposal includes the use of a modern technological platform, through which our clients can generate documents and follow up on their cases at the moment.


Among the main types of trusts are those of:






·      Auto loans

·      Loans on real estate

·      Other

Our team can work closely with you and your personal attorney in the following areas:

Trusts under Panamanian Law.

Estate Planning

Escrow Agent

Fiduciary Services

MMG Trust facilitates the design of structures and complex integral solutions for proper tax, financial and estate planning, under the best and healthier practices. As essential components of any trust structure, adequately established and managed, with solid legal strategies designed to protect personal assets, are extremely useful means for the efficient planning of protection of assets and successions.

Our advice to fiduciaries covers:

  1. The design and implementation of new plans
  2. Upgrade and consolidation of existing fiduciary and estate planning structures
  3. Assistance in managing complex rules surrounding investments, accounting, taxes and compliance
  4. Escrow Services for intermediation and safekeeping assets, along a high value transactions

Asset Protection

Our team helps families and successful entrepreneurs around the world to organize their assets as to preserve them for the present and future generations. The protection of the interests of the beneficiaries, and the intentions of the trustees, are the core of our work.

Our network of operations includes offices in countries signatories of Double Taxation Treaties and Tax information exchange with regulations that will not allow random fiscal information request if they do not strictly comply with the Agreements as to the full protection of the confidentiality.

MMG Trust facilitates the design of comprehensive structures and solutions for the adequate planning of fiscal, financial and hereditary succession.

Asset Management

Within the structure designed to preserve the family wealth, a key factor is the assurance that the assets maintain and increase their values over time.

MMG Trust is a highly skilled professional and multi-jurisdictional organization dedicated to the efficient and independent administration of the assets underlying the trust structures. Its vast experience allows to fully meet the provisions of the trust structure approved by the settlor or founder.

We work with a broad range of clients, including:

• Professional and individual trustees

• Executors and administrators

• Banks

• Beneficiaries (both individual and charities)

For clients new to their role, we can offer guidance on their duties, rights and obligations as trustees, executors or beneficiaries.

MMG TRUST S.A. is an entity regulated by the Superintendency of Banks of Panama, with trustee license accredited by SBP-FID, Resolution No. 11-1998 of September 16, 1998

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